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Product Introduction
Electric sloping skylights are made of quality aluminum alloy or plastic steel with special hinges and shafts. Skylights and intelligent actuators can make up various electric top-hinged window, center-pivoted window, etc. Sloping skylights is the derivatives of modern buildings, classic roof skylights give new vitality to modern slope roof space, which is favored by the majority of users.
Product Introduction
◆Good natural lighting. The tests show that daylighting effect of slope roof is 10% higher than ordinary window. The lighting time can be 1 hours later, at the same time people can enjoy night star, which can add more enjoyment. 
◆Better heat insulation. The sloping skylight used insulating glass, the heat transfer coefficient is smaller than general glass 2.5 ~ 4 times.
◆Better sound insulation. The insulating glass can block 30 dB from noise.
◆Hung windows opening mode ensures swirling air flow into the room, which will not make people feel the hard blowing wind even in winter. It's easy to open &close windows or clean the inner &outer glasses.
◆The size of windows can be customized according to customer requirements.